• Small business marketing support for business owners across London and the South East

Helping you grow your business through more effective marketing

You want to help more clients and grow your business so SME Needs varies the marketing support we provide to meet your changing needs.

Strategic Marketing

  • Structure and direction for your marketing
  • Advice, guidance and support
  • Help to find & manage suppliers

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Operational Marketing

  • Planning and scheduling your social media
  • Developing and building email campaigns
  • Work with & manage 3rd party providers

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Managing Junior Staff

  • Ensure they are doing their jobs
  • Develop their knowledge and skills
  • Measure their performance

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Your Virtual Marketing Director

We know you love doing what you do, but sometimes you need some advice, guidance, support and the occasional kick to ensure your marketing is done in a consistent manner and to the right people. As your Virtual Marketing Director, we’re there when you need us.

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