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The right marketing, delivered consistently, will generate the leads you need for the growth you want. SME Needs will ensure this happens.

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Which of these best describes your marketing approach?

You do your marketing when you have time

You’re not really doing any marketing

You’re not happy with the results your marketing is delivering

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Why we do small business marketing

Every business needs marketing! Your business needs effective marketing to increase awareness and generate leads that drive growth.

But it doesn’t make sense for you to employ your own Marketing Director and team. So we provide the marketing you need on a flexible basis.

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The importance of consistent marketing

Consistency is key in marketing. If you’re not regularly getting your brand, and messaging, in front of your target audience, they will forget about you. Sod’s Law says that will happen just before they need what you sell.

SME Needs keeps your marketing consistent, whether you really busy, or otherwise. We work with marketing specialists we know and trust to bring the best skills to bear on growing your business.

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