Price comparison for IT support?

Small businesses rely on their technology more than bigger businesses?  Controversial statement?

Let me put it into context so you understand where I am coming from.

If a small company has an IT problem that means a few people cannot work effectively, they make up a big percentage of the workforce. This means there is a big chance that the business was adversely affected.

Aligning the technology with the SME’s business plan will mean the IT problems will be significantly reduced, but that isn’t what I want to talk about here.

Price comparison websites have been around for years and we call know about the meerkats and the cartoon woman with seriously dodgy hair ( in case you were wondering). All of these are for consumers and help them get the best deals but where are the price comparison sites for businesses?

After you’ve pinned down exactly what you are looking for from an IT support company, there is little more confusing than working your way through multiple meetings and getting a number of, usually, complex technical documents that are designed to partially sell and partially confuse.

Smart Tendering is a service that I have recently come across that could make choosing your IT support provider so much easier.

Imagine having all your proposals lined up so you can compare easily!

Know who your friends are

Keeping an eye on your LinkedIn connections

How do you make sure that the people you are connecting to on social networks are connecting for the right reasons?  Do you automatically connect on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn?  Why?

There are many tales, particularly within LinkedIn, of people asking to connect and then spamming your connections with something along the lines of: “I see you and I share Bob as a connection. He said I should get in contact with you as there is something I can do to help your business”.

Would you share a client list with a member of your network before you had a good idea of what they are all about as I know I wouldn’t.  All I’m saying is don’t automatically connect to everyone who invites you to.  Ask them how you can help each other and what they are looking for.  The chances are they won’t reply at which point, simply delete the invitation.

When they do reply, keep an eye out for the sales pitch. For large numbers of people, the first response they get from that person is a sales pitch. They try to circumvent the process of getting to know the connection, build trust and then get to the point where leads and referrals happen.

If you do find that someone isn’t interested in connecting with you for the right reasons, there is a very simple solution. You can simply remove the connection. It doesn’t tell them and you can simply fade away, protect yourself from the incessant sales pitches and protect your network from the same.