The quality of your marketing data

Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power.

Is that how the saying goes?  I think we should go back one more step – to data. Let’s look at why the quality of your marketing data is critical

Your average small business has a huge amount of data, from the piles of business cards they’ve collected, from networking events, to the files on current and past clients. There are then the people who provide their details because they want to be on your mailing list and some companies even buy lists of other businesses.  This is a huge amount of data but can it be called information?

Certainly not if you don’t filter it.  Let me give you an example.

Imagine you are pulling together a mailing list to tell people about one of your services. You want this to go to the most relevant people so I hope you have job titles to ensure your mailing, electronic or paper-based, goes to the decision-maker. Presumably you know what industry sectors you perform best within (if not click here and then give me a call) so you then filter your list by what their small business does. All basic stuff you would think and certainly the sort of advice you would expect to get from a marketing consultancy.

Imagine my surprise then when I received an email offering me a free Marketing MOT from another consultancy based on the south coast.

I won’t embarrass by mentioning their name or linking to their site but please take the advice and make sure that your data becomes information, then knowledge and then generates new business – I’m not so worried about the power!