Five Things you want prospects to say

During a meeting, whether networking or a sales meeting, there are always signs that the meeting is going well and in the right direction. This is a short list of the comments you should listen out for:

  • Tell me more about……

As you discuss the various ways you have helped other clients, this is a key sign of interest in a particular service. Hopefully it will be the one you want to sell to them and so

  • I hadn’t thought of that

As you discuss an issue your prospect is trying to resolve, you mention something you’ve done for others.  It shows that your way of thinking is different from most others and innovative

  • I like what you did for…….

They’re obviously impressed by your previous work and are likely to be thinking “I hope you can do that for me!”

  • What capacity do you have at the moment?

If they are asking this question, there are really two possible reasons: testing to see how popular your services are to assess how good you are, or wanting to start working with you soon

  • Would you like to talk to……

If they are thinking about referring you to others, there is a good chance they will be using your services very soon.

What other positive signs or comments have you had recently?  Answers on a Comment please.