One question that will improve your marketing performance

Every business owner I know wants to improve their marketing performance.

The problem is knowing what needs to be done and how to do it.  Let me use a conversation I had the other day with a strategy & marketing consultant  to demonstrate how hard some people believe this can be. I’m obviously not going to mention any names.

This consultant called me to discuss marketing ROI and how difficult it seemed to be, particularly within the legal sector, where he works.

How do you measure marketing ROI when you cannot identify what marketing generates a new business opportunity? was the question he asked me.

To be honest, this confused me as I’ve been using a simple question that allows me to do just that.  The question has enabled me to know what works and what doesn’t, thereby improving the performance of my clients’ marketing and the ROI it delivers.

The question is simple: How did you find me?

Going back to my conversation with the marketing consultant, the next comment was surprising as well.  He wondered whether, as lawyers often keep themselves to themselves, whether they would ask such a personal question.  Personal question????????  I’ve been asking the question for 10 years plus and nobody has ever refused to answer the question.  The worst they ever say is “I can’t remember”.

The answer means you know what activities are generating new business opportunities and new sales.  You can then decide which marketing to continue and what needs to be changed or discontinued.

I hope this helps