Double your business in two hours

ImproveEvery business owner I know wants more business

What happens is that most businesses then look at what involved with generating new business enquiries. What marketing is needed?  What marketing is working and what isn’t? Where are they going to get the enquiries they need?

There is a far easier way.

  1. How many different services do you provide to your clients?
  2. How many clients do you have?

My latest new client is in the IT support industry.  They provide support services, hardware and software sales, as well as subscription services such as Office 365, onlne backup and internet connectivity.  They currently provide these services to 52 clients, so they have a maximum sales opportunity of 208.  Presently they have 108, so they could almost double their business simply by selling more to their current clients.

You can do just the same by assessing the level of portfolio penetration within your business.

I hope this helps