Are you trying to sell to Everyone?

even in the souks nobody sells to everyone

Nobody sells to everyone

I have too many conversations where a company is trying to maximise the number of people their website and marketing will appeal to. I have to then use what I am putting into this article to show them that trying to sell to everyone is a very bad idea.

Who sells what

  • Ford sells 29,000 Fiestas a year in the UK
  • DFS, including subsidiaries sells approximately 1.2 million sofas a year[1]
  • Quorn sold £101m worth of products – that’s a lot of sausages

But what all of these companies have in common is that none of them sell to everyone in the country (53 million adults at the last count)

  • Ford only aims the Fiesta at urbanites and at young people who don’t need to carry lots of stuff. 29,000 cars equates to 0.012% of the population
  • DFS sells something to approximately 2% of the population. Elle suggests you should start thinking about replacing your sofa after about 7 years, so that’s only 14% of the population every 7 years that DFS sells to.
  • Partial meat diets have increased sales of Quorn over the last few years, but the carnivores out there wouldn’t dream of buying it. There are 3.5 million vegetarians in the UK; roughly 7% of the adult population.

So why not try to sell to everyone?

  1. Not everyone wants your product
  2. Not everyone can afford your product/services
  3. You may not be able to get your product to all corners of the UK

nobody sells to everyone - even these guys

What should you do?

The simple answer is focus.

  1. Who is buying your product/services now?
  2. Who do you want to sell to?
  3. Why should they buy your product? What need will they resolve?

My growth target is to be supporting 20 small businesses at a time. That means I need <50 real leads a year. The UK currently has 5.5 million businesses, 98% of which are SMEs. What are your targets and what does that mean to your marketing?

I hope this helps.

[1] 2017 sales of £763m, assuming roughly £500 per sofa

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