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5 expert ways you can benefit from your brand advocates

Brand advocacy is the ultimate goal for small businesses that helps strengthen your competitive advantages. Marketing has generated the lead. Sales has closed the deal and Operations has delivered a great service/product. You have a very happy client; a brand advocate. What can you do from this point to maximise the benefit your small business gets from this?  Here […]

How can small businesses encourage a strong response from a client?

“What about you?”    What about you makes you the best choice for your potential client to work with instead of others?  This blog post will help you to recognise and communicate what your brand means to your client.  This is the third post of the ‘activate fierce brand loyalty’ series.  So far we have covered, “who are you?” and “what are you?” in the previous […]

4 simple tips to build your brand awareness! 

4 simple tips to build your brand awareness!  Activate fierce brand loyalty series – Part One  What is brand awareness?  Have ever been at your local supermarket and you realise you’re running low on tea, so you walk to the tea aisle and pick up Twinings or Yorkshire Tea without thinking about it?   The reason you gravitate towards certain brands is because you […]