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Why consistent marketing is the key to success

Good quality marketing should be a lot of things; eye-catching, insightful, subtle. But most of all it should be consistent. Consistency brings with it a host of benefits for your business, but it’s often overlooked in small businesses that don’t have a marketing department. When new business and delivery are your main priority, marketing has a […]

4 free ways to market your business online

There’s a saying that nothing in life is free, which is likely the creation of some, witty marketing executive. However, the possibilities available to businesses in digital marketing, might just be the exception to the rule. Where offline marketing is notoriously costly, digital marketing has lots of opportunities to grow your audience and generate fresh […]

Which social media marketing platforms are best for my business?

It’s well known that B2B companies tend to use social media platforms a lot less than B2Cs. It’s true that commercial buyers are certainly less likely to make impulse purchases. However, they are still human, and still susceptible to social media marketing. If you can identify which social media platforms your ideal clients are spending […]

Digital Marketing: where to start

It might not be considered “new” anymore, but it’s never too late to start digital marketing. Research suggests that while B2B marketing spending in 2020 has fallen (due to the pandemic), digital marketing spending actually increased, overtaking traditional mediums. Even if your existing offline marketing is providing a solid ROI, perhaps digital could be another […]

How many Ideal Clients do you have?

The “Ideal Client” is a phrase used a lot in business. It refers to that archetypical business that: generates revenue; is the right size for your business; is easy to communicate with; and fits well with your own company culture. It’s the map of a theoretical perfect client against which to measure your real prospects. […]

Is my marketing working?

Marketing is a complex art at the best of times, and sometimes the means of measuring your marketing can end up muddying the water. There are a whole lot of calculations, metrics and analytics out there. In a department full of jargon, what’s the best way to see if your marketing is working? In this […]

8 tips on how to improve your business networking from home

Networking doesn’t have to stop just because you’re working from home Virtual networking can seem daunting to people unfamiliar with online platforms. There are, however, some advantages. In the time before Covid-19, to network meant a lot of legwork: Trade shows; industry events; lunches; parties; etc. Now, for the moment, we’re mostly stuck at home, […]

How to manage your marketing over the Christmas period

What to do, and not do, in readiness for the festive season It’s time to think about Christmas marketing (and I don’t mean glühwein and sausages). It can be a stressful time of year, more so for people running their own small business. It might be your only week off in the year and let’s […]

4 Marketing Automation Tools To Save Time And Money

Why should you use marketing automation tools? Marketing automation tools are an asset that can’t be overlooked in 2020. This recent lockdown has been hard on SMEs. Lots of small businesses have found themselves in a position where they need to hold back on investment to make ends meet, stripping back anything that isn’t essential. […]

What To Do When A Prospect Doesn’t Buy

So, you found the perfect prospect through LinkedIn. You made first contact, an amazing introduction. Over a few weeks you built your relationship and waited until the time was right. Then  you hit them with the pitch… and they don’t buy it. First off, it’s not the end of the world! It might be painful […]