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Make Them Believe!

It doesn’t matter whether the decision maker is the CEO/owner, a director or manager, they all have one over-arching need from you. Few will readily admit it, but it is the priority for any purchase… To make them look good. Most people have a boss. Whatever they do is aimed at making them look good […]

Mailchimp’s New Customer Journeys

At Last! Customer Journeys, from Mailchimp goes live from today and will be available to all Mailchimp customers by the 7th August. It is something that we’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. Here is why. Single Routing Mailchimp’s products have a huge number of positives and that’s why we’re a Mailchimp Certified […]

Talk to Them

How to talk to your target audience and effectively engage If one of your target audience was sitting in front of you, or was on the end of the phone, you would talk to them on a one to one basis. If you are presenting to an audience, you will talk to them as if […]

Are you focusing on the right people?

As we all emerge from lockdown, you need to focus If money is tight, you cannot afford to scattergun your marketing activity. If you do, it will be ineffective. Even if you have got some money spare, why waste it?  To get the best return on investment from the time and money you have available, […]

The risks with referrals

We all love getting referrals.  Who doesn’t like getting a useful referral? They are usually an easier sales pitch as the referrer has already done some of the work for you.  I acquired a new client at the end of last week from a referral, so I am particularly positive about them at the moment.  […]