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Four Questions to ask when considering your small business growth options

Which Box? If you’ve done any studying around business or marketing, you will remember Ansoff’s Growth Matrix. For those of you who weren’t quite so “lucky”, let me quickly go through it and show you why it is a highly useful tool to help guide your growth planning and therefore your small business marketing.   […]

The 12 Marketing Days of Christmas

The 12 Marketing Days of Christmas With Christmas on a Wednesday this year, many businesses plan to stop, or at least slow down, after the 20th December. Very handily that gives us 12 days of Christmas before everyone returns on the 2nd January (although that may extend to the 6th – but there isn’t a […]

How to maximise ROI from exhibiting at trade shows and conferences

Offline marketing covers many things, but trade shows, conferences and exhibitions make up one of the most popular activities. But too many companies invest £1,000s on appearing at trade shows and conferences, to only then not follow up. They lose out on the sales opportunities they went after by attending the event. If you are […]

Best Ways to Work in a Heatwave

Seven Tips on how to work effectively and enjoy the great weather The sun is out, the sky is blue. Unfortunately there’s still lots and lots of work to do. What can you do to maximise your enjoyment of the great weather (let’s face it, we don’t get a lot) and still maximise what you […]