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Best Ways to Work in a Heatwave

Seven Tips on how to work effectively and enjoy the great weather The sun is out, the sky is blue. Unfortunately there’s still lots and lots of work to do. What can you do to maximise your enjoyment of the great weather (let’s face it, we don’t get a lot) and still maximise what you […]

12 Time Saving Tips and Apps for Business Leaders

Time Saving Tips designed to give you back the time you need There are so many hats to be worn when running a small business. To enable you to deliver under each of these hats, you need to maximise use of your time. Ensuring you don’t waste time is one thing. Using technology and techniques […]

What we learnt from the Brighton SEO Conference

(see the last lesson for an explanation of the images) 8 SEO Lessons learnt or compounded I went to the Brighton SEO Conference for the first time in 2019. Why? Two reasons: firstly to learn more about the “dark art” of SEO, and secondly because Mailchimp invited me. As a Mailchimp Partner, I like to […]