What are you doing with your testimonials?

benefit of testimonialsMany marketing people will tell you of the benefits of testimonials and how they can help you to grow your business. I’m agree completely that testimonials are a key part of the evidence set you use to help your target audience to buy from here, but are you using them well?  Here’s 12 tips to help you get the best results from your testimonials.

1. Gathering your testimonials

Making best use of your testimonials starts with having some. So how do you get them?

  • Ask for them. Your clients may not know you want them, so ask for them. If you ask when you’ve just done a great piece of work, you’ll almost certainly get what you want.
  • Check your emails. You, almost certainly, have a number of emails from clients where they are saying very nice things about how you’ve helped them. They are testimonials and can be used. You might like to just check they are happy for you to use their words, but you don’t have to.  They wouldn’t have sent the email if they didn’t mean what they said.
  • Check LinkedIn. Known as recommendations on LinkedIn, these are all valid and can be used on your website and other marketing.
  • Customer surveys. If you regularly seek feedback through surveys, add a question to get comments about your service.

2. Using them on your website

There are two places to use testimonials on your website:

  • a testimonials page. Gathering all the positive comments about your service in one place shows your audience that lots of people love you. Having a good set in one place can be very powerful.
  • On relevant pages. Put some of your testimonials on the service/product pages they refer to, so people can read comments about your service quickly and easily, at the point they are reading about that product/service.

3. Where else?

The testimonials on your website are great, when people get to your website.  To make best use of your testimonials, let’s think about where else you can use them:

  • LinkedIn updates. When someone says something nice about you, tell others what they said.  People often say to me that they haven’t got much to say on LinkedIn.  This is definitely something to say.
  • All your other social media. You want lots of people within your target audience to see that their peers think you do excellent work. Put your testimonials where they will be seen and add a link back to a whole page of them!
  • Press releases. Where appropriate, add a customer testimonial onto your press release. It adds credibility as it’s a real-life other person (not you) saying you did a great job for them.
  • Business cards. If you haven’t got anything to put on the back of your business cards, add a testimonial or two. Many printers can now mix and match the design of your cards so that not every card has the same thing on the back. You will pay a little more, but it’s worth it.
  • Your imagination is your limit. Put your mind to it and I bet you can think of loads of other places: exhibition stands, banners, flyers, brochures – the list goes on.

4. Giving a little back

Your clients gave you their testimonials because you helped them out. You delivered a great product/service and superb value. They will be very happy, but let’s make sure that you help them out a little more.

  • Whenever you put a testimonial out there digitally, put a hyperlink back to their website or social media. You know that inbound links still add a little to the search engine algorithms, so it will improve their SEO performance just a little bit. It’s cost you nothing except the time it takes to add a hyperlink.

So that’s a few tips on how to ensure you are making the best use of your testimonials. I hope this helps.

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