Bidding on your Company Name

should you bid on your company nameMany of you will have realised that a lot of my blogs come from recent conversations and experiences with either clients, prospects or people in my network. This one is no different and looks at a popular campaign when companies use Google Adwords (sometimes described as PPC) as part of their small business marketing activity. They run an Adwords campaign on their own company name. The question is:

Should you bid on your company name?

After conversations with my Adwords specialist, Dan, we agree that there are only two reasons to bid on your own company name and they are:

  1. To ensure your competitors don’t take traffic, and sales, from you.
  2. If you are not top of the natural search rankings for your company name.

No.1 in Natural Search

Let’s consider what happens for a moment. Someone will only search on your company name if they already know who you are. Perhaps they’ve been referred to you but weren’t given your URL. Perhaps they saw your name on some advertising somewhere.

If they already know who you are and are specifically looking for your company, they will click on the first search they see. They won’t care whether it is a natural or paid search; they are looking for you. If you are already top of the natural search results, they will click on that result. If you bid on your company name with Google Adwords, you are wasting whatever the cost of that click is. That can easily add up to £1,000’s per year.

Competitors Bidding on Your Name

Competitors will often bid on the company names of their main competitors to try and steal that traffic. They set up their ads to try and get people to click on them as a credible alternative to you.

If this is happening, you want to make sure you are top of the page and that may well mean a paid search campaign with a high cost per click (CPC) to ensure you appear top.

Not Top for your Name

If your company name (or part of it) is relatively common, there is a chance that you don’t appear top for a search on your company name. If other results include a competitor (rather than a company in a completely different industry sector), you need to ensure that you are top, so you get the traffic you want.

How do you know?

Regular searches on your company name, and variations of it, will keep you abreast of what is happening. If you do find that you are losing traffic (Google Analytics will tell you), you can quickly turn on an Adwords campaign to protect the traffic. Keep doing the regular searches to identify whether things change. If you improve your SEO performance and get to the top, with no competitors, then you can turn it off again.

If you need any help with this, please get in touch and lets see how we can help.

I hope this helps.

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