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DS Security Ltd

22% increase in leads in less than six months

The Client

DS Security provide both commercial and residential security solutions, including Access Control, Door Entry and CCTV systems. Based in South Wimbledon, they wanted to increase the number of leads that were given to their Sales team to grow the business.

DS Security group - SME Needs increases their leads by 22% in less than 6 months

Their Needs

A busy, sales-focused, business does marketing when they have time, which is broadly speaking: never. They knew that they had to market the business to generate more leads, but were unsure on what they needed to do.

What did we do?

Before any new marketing started, we helped DS Security to measure the performance of previous marketing activities. This wasn’t easy because we had no understanding of the volume of traffic to their website. Adding Google Analytics quickly solved this, at least for the future.

Scattergun marketing rarely works, so we then helped to focus their marketing. Although they do both residential and commercial security, they wanted to focus on commercial; simply because the jobs are generally bigger and more profitable. We have re-focused their website content to talk about the customer rather than them. Website traffic has increased by over 22% and more people are returning to the site too. At the time of writing, a new website is in development to take this even further forward.

Once a marketing strategy was developed, including Adwords and SEO, the role for SME Needs became one of managing the activity to ensure it happened and was delivering the results DS Security was looking for.


In September 2016, the company was generating 80-100 leads per month. During the first three quarters of 2017, that number increased by an average of 22% per quarter.

There is still work to be done, but early results are favourable.

What the client said

“I highly recommend SME Needs and its ability to produce results.”

John D’Aprano
Managing Director, DS Security Ltd


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