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Habitus Collective

Revenues doubled in 12 months

The Client

The majority of the work Habitus Collective does focuses on improving mental health with organisations; public, private and third sector. For charities, they also help them to properly communicate with their target audiences and deliver the results their funders expect.

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Their Needs

Having spent many years working in Canada, they wanted to move into the UK market, whilst at least maintaining Canadian revenues. Having not worked here for many years, they needed to ensure their messaging, and their choice of marketing channels, were right for this market.

What did we do?

SME Needs worked strategically with Habitus to identify exactly who their Ideal Clients were and to map the needs of those people with what Habitus did. This was followed by a marketing workshop to ensure that their marketing plan matched their targets, their budgets and the skills they had available to them.

As budgets were limited, they did much of the marketing work, with SME Needs monitoring their progress (to keep them on track), providing feedback and answering any questions they had. This was delivered as a combination of Zoom/Teams meetings, email, and IM.

Their marketing approach has been a mix of inbound and outbound. The mix of content marketing and networking was worked extremely well.


Progress has been good, with Habitus telling us they are well ahead of their targets. They are now adding to the team to keep up with demand for their services.

  • Revenues have doubled in the last 12 months
  • They are three months ahead of their revenue targets for this year.
  • The Canada/UK split has changed from 90%/10% to 55%/45%, with Canadian revenues also increasing.
  • Brand awareness has grown significantly, to the point that competitors are actively taking notice of what they are doing (wanting to talk…)

What the client said

We had very little marketing experience when we first started working with SME Needs, they helped us see that we had fallen into the trap of selling ourselves vs solving our clients’ solutions. We hugely appreciated Nigel’s style of coaching which grounded us in the basics and quickly levelled us up as our knowledge grew.

We would (and already have) highly recommended SME Needs to others. Thank you, Nigel!

Lisa Androulidakis
Director, Habitus Collective


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