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KNT (Kindling n Things) Ltd

Keeping the fires burning

The Client

Formed in July 2010, Kindling n Things (KNT) is an e-commerce business selling firewood and garden products in the Redhill area of Surrey.

Kindling n Things logo

Their Needs

KNT wanted to increase repeat purchases and increase brand engagement within their target audience. They already used Mailchimp as an email marketing tool.

What did we do?

We started by getting some measurement functions in place:

  • Setting up e-commerce in Google Analytics so we could see what activity was generating sales.
  • Ensuring that e-commerce values could be seen and tracked in Mailchimp


Improved email marketing come from ensuring that people receive relevant information. The survey asked questions to find out more about their use of firewood when they prefer to buy and more about their gardens. This survey has been completed by nearly 1000 people now and ensures that campaigns go to the right people.

Post purchase campaigns

Automated campaigns go out after all purchases to ask for Google Reviews and for people to complete the survey. Dozens of reviews have given them an average 4.9 rating.

Segmented campaigns

Emails all go out based on purchase patterns and the survey results so that the audience engages more. All campaigns are re-sent within 48 hours to further improve sales levels.


Over the last 18 months, we have seen dramatic improvements:

  • Open rates now exceed 50% and click through rates (CTR) are approaching 20%
  • Ecommerce sales attributable to the email marketing have increased:
    • 0.8% of sales in 2021
    • 8.2% in 2022
    • 28% in 2023, so far*
  • Overall sales have grown:
    • by 20% in 2022
    • by a further 19% in 2023, so far*
*2023 figures based in Feb 1st to June 30th Google Analytics data

What the client said

SME Needs have been a huge help with our email campaigns this has helped us to engage more and to better understand our customer base. Nigel is always on hand for good advice on any area of business marketing. We look forward to working with SME Needs on many more occasions.

Karl Blackwell
Managing Director, KNT (Kindling n Things) Ltd


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