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A marketing strategy for a startup

The Client

Created by Sarah Dillingham, Case Study Ninja is a new startup, having launched in June 2016.

They help businesses, specifically mid-size consultancies, to gather, maintain and filter their case studies for use in pitching for new projects.

Imagine all of the evidence and the stories you use to market your business all in one place so they can quickly and easily be found!  You can filter them to meet the specific needs of the project you are tendering for and then exported in multiple formats, whether Word, PDF or PowerPoint.

If you struggle to write an effective case study, then can also write it for you, using their team of highly experienced journalists and copywriters.

Case Study Ninja

Their Needs

Sarah has a corporate background and she developed the idea for Case Study Ninja based on her own experiences.

It was often difficult to get information to effectively tender for a project.

Coming from a corporate background, Sarah knew she needed a marketing plan to help her focus her efforts and get her in front of her target audience.

What did we do?

Targeting Workshop 

You cannot develop a focused marketing plan without knowing who you are focusing on. Our brainstorming workshop helped Sarah to:

  • Identify her Ideal Client
  • To define their pains, needs and issues, and then
  • Match the Case Study Ninja service to meet those needs and make the pains go away.

By doing this we also generated a set of key marketing messages that form the core of the marketing.

Strategy Workshop

Once you know who you are targeting, you can develop the right strategy and plan of action. The workshop looked at:

  • lots of different marketing options, both on and offline
  • at the skills available within Case Study Ninja, and
  • the budgets available

A strategy and plan of action was developed that WILL be implemented. This is because Sarah was completely involved in the development of the strategy, there is the buy-in needed.

Virtual Marketing Director

Support and guidance through regular meetings and unlimited email and Basecamp communication allowed Sarah to implement her marketing plan safe in the knowledge that there was someone available to help her whenever she needed it.

We also kept her on track: what had been done, what were the results and what are you doing next?

We knew Sarah was extremely busy getting the platform ready. But, we also knew that consistent marketing activity is the key to generating the awareness, interest and actions within her chosen target market.


Case Study Ninja officially launched in June 2016 and now has over 60 companies using the platform.

During their successful funding application Sarah was told her marketing planning was key to the success of her application.


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