How to find a credible LinkedIn© (and other social media) trainer

If you wanted to find a LinkedIn© expert to develop your expertise how would you do it? Ask your friends? Do a quick Google search (and find over 25 million LinkedIn© trainers)? Or search LinkedIn?

Ok, you have lots of options but how do you find a good one? With LinkedIn© it is easy …

  • Review their profile; does it look good, better than the others?
  • Does their personal profile have recommendations from people and how many?
  • Do they have a company profile or company page?
  • Do they have a full company page with video, banners and recommendations on LinkedIn?
  • Do their recommendations read well? From people like you?
  • Does their web page look and feel good to you?
  • Do they know their subject? Does it have the right numbers on it for total users and accurate statistics?
  • Do they only do the platform you want to learn about?
  • Do they offer to do LinkedIn© for you? How? How can they know the people you know?
  • Does their course content cover what you need? Does it sound sensible to you? For example if many say half a day and someone says an hour ask why.
  • Do they want to look good or make you look good?

Then talk to them, yes old fashioned I know, but talk to them, are they human, do they come across well and could you work with them?

It’s amazing how many “social media experts” follow each other to see what they do on LinkedIn© and Twitter, if they are an expert why follow each other? Is it to get material they can use or simply to keep an eye on the competition?

If you want an expert on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter I will happily introduce you to some good people.

LinkedIn Tip No.4

Use the advanced search

The question James gets asked a lot is “What is the most important bit on LinkedIn?” – to find the people you want to meet it has to be the advanced search. LinkedIn is just like a big room full of people, over 100 million now.


LinkedIn Tips – No.3

Do unto others …., share, help, don’t sell and don’t spam

Manners and etiquette is often talked about around social media but I prefer to think of it within a room full of people. If you were to meet your closest friends and colleagues in a room I would hope you wouldn’t leap into ‘sales mode’ pushing your benefits and trying to close, close, close.

So why do it on social media? You’re only a screen and keyboard away.

You have to engage with people, invest in them, share with them and yes help them before they will appreciate you, your value and your efforts. Go on invest a little, the returns are fabulous.


LinkedIn Tips – No.2

Review your home page every day and update your status

LinkedIn runs a bread crumb trail of all the activity of your closest connections right on your homepage on LinkedIn. Every network update, every status message, connection and question you ask or answer appears there, as do all your closest connections.

If you do nothing else then put a message up telling everyone else what you’re up to, its value and the outcome you’re generating.

Thank you again to James Potter, The LinkedIn Man, for providing these


LinkedIn tips – No.1

Ensure your profile is full of value
Most profiles are full of facts, which we all assume people reading our profile will translate into value – wrong. We need to stop being so very British about it and share the outcomes, difference and successes we bring through the ‘facts’ on our profiles.

More facts to follow on almost a daily basis