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Why consistent social media activity is vital

By September 14, 2022February 22nd, 2023No Comments

Reasons to review the number of social media sites you are on

There is a belief within many businesses that having a lot of social media channels is a good thing and will drive new clients to them regularly. If you’re a regular reader of our articles, you’ll know that we disagree with this, here’s why and what you should do with your social media accounts.

Choose the right social media platforms

There are 1,000s of social media platforms available to you.  This article, published earlier this year, lists (apparently) the 133 you should consider. However, your target audience(s) are only likely to be present in decent numbers on a small number of them.  If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn and YouTube are a given and you may consider Twitter.  Any others you use are likely to have much lower numbers of people you want to get in front of.

Of course, there is always going to be someone on SnapChat who could buy from you. There may even be people on Periscope or Pinterest, but the laws of diminishing returns will quickly be relevant here.


In your mind, you’re asking why should you reduce the number of social media platforms you have accounts on?  Here are 6 reasons why.

1. Quality over Quantity

The more social media platforms you use, the more time has to be invested in them. Keeping your social media going with quality content is far more important than simply being present on a large quantity of platforms.

As a small business, you will have limited resources. Spreading those resources over a higher number of platforms means less investment (time and money) in each of them.

2. Right or wrong eyes?

There are approximately 830 million users on LinkedIn, with 310 million considered to be active.  This compares to 433 million monthly active users on Pinterest and 433 daily active users on SnapChat.  These figures may tempt you to think about using the latter two, but unless you are selling to teenagers (Snapchat) and mothers in the US (80% of mothers in the US are on there)

The right social media choices will raise brand awareness and help you to grow your business. But if they are the wrong eyes, you are wasting your time and investment.  If you’re not sure this is true, check your Google Analytics stats and see what traffic you are getting from each platform you use.

3. Law of diminishing returns

This law says that after a certain point, the returns from your investment cannot continue to increase and will diminish progressively. Why spend your marketing time on something that isn’t likely to deliver for you?

4. You need different content on each

YouTube, TikTok and Vimeo are video-sharing platforms. Pinterest and Instagram are all about the images. LinkedIn and Twitter can be text-based, but both benefit from images/videos as well.  Some use hashtags more than others and some are more formal than others. With all these differences, posting exactly the same posts on all the social media platforms you use is going to either annoy people or have them simply ignore you. Both are likely to lead to your follower/connection numbers decreasing and the opinion of your brand diminishing. Neither are good for you.

You have to post the right content on each platform, so unless you have unlimited time available, you need to manage the number of sites you use.

5. Keeping them going

If you haven’t posted onto a social media platforms for weeks, months or even years, what does this say about your brand and your business? It says that you aren’t bothered about that audience.

The purpose of social media is to keep your brand in the mind’s eye of your target audience and have people talking about your business.  The more engagement there is, the more awareness is generated.  If you haven’t posted for months, you can guarantee that nobody is talking about you.

If you aren’t keeping them going, you have a decision to make. Either invest the time in engaging, or delete the account. Far better to delete an account than have it show your target audience that you haven’t been bothered to keep it going!

6. Responding

The other big mistake we see many businesses doing is simply shouting. They post content onto their social platforms and let it ride.  If you are not checking your account, at least, daily to see what is happening, you will miss out.

If someone has taken the time to comment on a post and you don’t respond, you’re telling that person their comment isn’t important to you. You are also missing out on the opportunity to get in front of their connections and increase your reach.

If you would like to be using the right social media for your business, and would like an independent assessment of your social media presence, get in touch. You can call us on 020 8634 5911 or book an appointment here.


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