Gotta be in it to win it

Business awards have never really been something I have considered entering before. Mostly because the categories don’t really fit.  It doesn’t make sense for me to enter a Marketing category, simply because most of my marketing is networking-based. Entrepreneur-type awards have never tempted me. What I do is nothing new, even if the way I do it is somewhat different to most marketing agencies out there. So what awards could I enter?

This year’s Croydon Business Awards included a Commitment to the Community award (they may have been there before – not sure) and it occurred to me that SME Needs does quite a lot within the community.

So, why not enter…

Croydon has over 13,000 businesses in the borough and over 200 entered.

So far our entry seems to be going well. We are really chuffed that SME Needs has been shortlisted for the Commitment to the Community award. We are one of 85 businesses shortlisted for the 14 awards being presented on the Gala Night.

It’s great to see a number of other companies we know well, including other Sussex Innovation members (Return2Play, Aio, Crystalusion, Safe in Sound) also being nominated. I wonder how many of the awards will be heading into the 50p building???

All we have to do now is complete another entry form and perform well in an interview on September the 6th.

We then find out on October 5th!