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Helping small businesses in Croydon to grow

Helping you grow your business through the development and implementation of the right marketing plan

If you’re based in Croydon, own a small business and want to grow, we should talk. We love helping local businesses to improve their marketing, develop more leads and add more clients.

If you are committed to growing your small business, let’s talk.

Struggling to develop the leads you need?

If you want to grow your Croydon-based small business, your marketing needs to be:

  1. Consistent – happening on a regular basis
  2. Aimed at the right people; people who want or need what you sell
  3. Using the right marketing tools or channels.
  4. Putting out a clear message that shows you understand your clients
  5. And that you can help them resolve their issues and problems.

If you’re looking at this page, is it fair to assume that something in this list isn’t happening?

SME Needs’ proven 4-stage process will:


Quickly identify what marketing is, and isn’t, working.

Delivering quick wins because you can turn off what isn't working, and concentrate on what is delivering you leads you want.


Focus on the right target audience for your small business

Because trying to market your business to "everyone" and "anyone" will waste the vast majority of your marketing budget


Develop the right marketing strategy and marketing plan for your small business

A plan aimed at delivering the leads you need to hit your business targets, and that fits your marketing budget.


Work with you to deliver the agreed marketing plan consistently and effectively

So the leads you want, with the target audience you are focused on, come in for you to close


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