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Do People still buy People?

By September 19, 2011May 2nd, 2021No Comments

The old adage is that people buy people and that decisions are often made within seconds of the start of a meeting.  Is this still the case?

Absolutely but I believe there is a condition attached now:  People buy people with demonstrable experience.

I spoke about this a couple of weeks ago when talking about a piece of website review work I was doing with a client. The discussion was about what pages were important on their website and I argued that evidence (their What We Do pages) had some of the highest traffic levels of any part of the site.  Google Analytics helped me to prove this…. but I digress slightly.

In order for you to get the opportunity to get in front of someone and help them buy your services, your marketing material needs to persuade them to get in touch.

Let’s assume that you are looking for IT support and you do a Google search.  Two of the top four have case studies that can be easily seen and read; the other two either don’t have them or I couldn’t find them.  If they are not prepared to talk about what they have delivered to their clients, would you trust them to be able to deliver what you need?

It’s the same whether you are looking for a good restaurant, for a web designer or an accountant. Reading positive comments and how they have helped their customers makes you much more likely to pick up the phone, so please make sure your website and marketing material demonstrates how you can help new customers.

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