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Marketing for e-commerce companies

Marketing that delivers and increases online sales time and time again

The three key stages in e-commerce marketing

When you’re selling online, your digital marketing has to be as good as possible. E-commerce marketing splits into three parts:

  1. Getting them to your e-commerce website.
  2. Creating the sale.
  3. Generating more sales

Getting any of these parts wrong can seriously damage your business growth, but if you can get all three working well, the sky really is the limit! We can help you to get these right and drive the sales and business growth you’re looking for.

The 3 key stages of e-commerce marketing

Driving traffic to your website

Getting people to your website for the first time is vital. After all, they cannot buy from you if they aren’t on your site.

Creating the sale

Once you’ve got someone to your e-commerce site, what do you do you get them buying?

Generating more sales

You’ve invested time and money getting that first sale. It takes far less investment to get the next sale, whether from that person or someone else.

The great thing with e-commerce marketing is that every part of this can be measured. Digital marketing has the statistics to show you what is, and isn’t, working. Changes made to improve performance can be measured too, so you know what has worked.

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How we work

Improving your e-commerce marketing to drive more sales starts with knowing what is working, and what isn’t. Identifying where it’s not working allows us to work with you to develop, and then deliver, the right marketing plan for your business.

  • Measure, so we both know what is happening.
  • Focus, to identify your target audiences and develop the messaging and content that will engage your audiences.
  • Plan, so we know what needs to be done to drive the sales you want.
  • Deliver, working with you to implement the plan and see the sales.
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