fail to plan

Fail to Plan, plan to fail

As a small business owner, your time is precious. If you fail to plan your time, you are asking for trouble.

You have so many different hats within your business, so you need to ensure that you maximise the use of that time. One of the key uses of your time is the marketing of your business. Let’s look at the implications of not planning for this.

Time gets used elsewhere

Your marketing needs to be planned. Planning it shows you, and your team, what needs to be done and how much time needs to be allocated to your marketing.

The problem with marketing is it can easily be put aside when you become busy. The thought is that “you’re busy, so why do you need to do marketing”. The time could easily be used for operational delivery or account management, for example.

Unfortunately what happens is then your business runs the risk of entering a rollercoaster period of marketing – sales – delivery – marketing – sales…….

Time gets used poorly

When you get used to “fitting in” your marketing, it becomes easy to drag people off of the marketing when they do start.

This can lead to your marketing staff doing just the simple stuff because it can be completed quickly, before they get dragged off to do something else. The problem is that the simple stuff rarely delivers the good results.

Time isn’t productive

When they aren’t simply tweeting or adding LinkedIn, your staff with marketing responsibility may well start work on something more complex. In fact they may well start working on the same thing multiple times, simply because they get pulled off of it just as frequently. In the same way that it takes anyone a couple of minutes to get back into a task when the phone rings unexpectedly, your marketing team loses productivity when constantly being disturbed and reassigned.

Time doesn’t deliver any results

The ultimate result of a lack of marketing planning and time allocation is a lack of results. Your website doesn’t see the improvements in its search engine performance. You don’t get the leads and you don’t get the sales.

What then happens is you do allocate the time. Your marketing becomes effective again and the roller coaster continues.

Stay off the rollercoaster

It’s not always easy but if you do plan your marketing and then commit to that plan, your marketing will be consistent, it will be effective and you have a far better chance of getting the leads you need to grow your business and achieve the success you want.

I hope this helps

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