How stories help you generate more sales opportunities

Once upon a time…..

Normally the start of a fairytale but this time I’m hoping its something useful for the business owner rather than just their kids.

You know its no longer acceptable small business marketing to simply describe your service to a prospective client anymore.  They shouldn’t need to have to work out for themselves how to use your services; it’s your job to prove you can help resolve his pain – because if you don’t there are plenty of others who will.

As your marketing talks about how your clients benefit from the work you do for them, prospects become more interested because they see you understand the problems they face.  This moves them forward in the selection process.

To get them to pick up the phone needs more.

Your marketing needs to provide evidence of how you’ve successfully delivered on your promises and helped out your clients. They need proof!

Proof comes in the form of stories, otherwise known as case studies or blog articles.  They are then supported by testimonials

Your stories need to clearly articulate:

  • what the client wanted to achieve or resolve
  • how you helped them to do this
  • the results achieved
In my opinion it is the final stage that is the most powerful as it is the results that complete the value calculation (value = benefit/cost).
The more value your prospects perceive, the more likely they are to pick up the phone.


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