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How to make the best use of AI-generated content

By February 8, 2023No Comments

AI-generated content is a hotly discussed topic right now. We’ve had a small number of clients ask us whether it is a good thing, or not. So, we did some digging and some experimentation. These are our thoughts on how to make the best use of AI-generated content. 

What is AI-generated content?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for many years, with many companies making use of it. Chatbots have been on websites for some time, answering your questions and trying to direct you to the right place for what you need. The first (ELIZA) was developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (where else?) in 1994. Since then, AI has been used in many different ways to accelerate processes and functions. 

AI-generated content is exactly that. Content that is developed using algorithms and written by a machine. Tools such as Chat GPT and Jasper will now write whatever you want them to. We’ve experimented with blogs, social posts and even writing website code.  

The good news 

AI-generated content can help your small business in many ways: 

1. Speeding up content generation 

The average human writes at 40 words per minute  and speaks at 140 words per minute. AI bots can draft an entire article for you in seconds. 

2. Unblocking your writing 

Writers Block is a widespread problem for small business owners. Not only when they are writing, but also working out what to write. If you have developed a list of topics to write about, producing the content then takes little time. As the bots can use the whole of the internet, as well as what is programmed into them, they will never have Writers Block. If you don’t have the list, the bots can do that for you too.  

3. Formalising your grammar. 

AI-generated content will be professionally written, grammar wise. Our experiments showed US spellings (Z instead of S, u’s missing etc.) but they follow grammar rules. You can specify your preferred writing style to make it more casual. If you have content already written, Microsoft Word’s Editor tool will help you correct your grammar. There are other tools out there, with Grammarly probably the most well-known.  

Making AI-generated content work for your small business 

Generating the content is one thing; making it right for your business is another. These are our recommendations on what to do with the content: 

1. Put “you” into it 

 AI-generated content is based on predictive language. It works out what word should go next. Whilst the AI-generated content may be right, it may not be quite right for you. Do you use certain language or acronyms that your audience will be used to? Do you normally write informally (e.g., don’t instead of do not). Checking the content to ensure it sounds like you is the first step. 

2. Tweaking the conversation 

AI-generated content can be choppy – short sentences and lots of full stops. Whilst this is trying to mimic human writing, it often doesn’t flow very well. Consider joining some of the sentences together to make it flow.  

3. Add hyperlinks 

If you are using this tool to write blog articles, you’ll need to add both internal and external hyperlinks. Without them, you’re affecting your SEO performance and making it harder to guide visitors to where you want them to go.  

4. Plagiarism check 

The few experiments we’ve done suggest this isn’t likely to be a problem, but it’s worth checking, especially early on and if you are writing something extremely specific. Whilst duplicate content isn’t a negative ranking factor for Google, they will choose which site to rank for the content. You are always better off having original content on your site. 

AI-generated content can save you time and help you to market your small business, but you cannot simply copy and paste it into wherever you’re planning to use it. Use a little of the time you have saved to make sure that it is right for your business. 

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