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Who is your Ideal Client?’Save time, save money and get better leads’

Define your Ideal Client and you will generate better leads and win more clients

Defining your Ideal client helps you to focus your marketing, making it more effective. It will help you choose the right marketing choices to that the return on investment from your marketing budget is higher. Perhaps more importantly, it will save you a huge amount of time and money.

  • If you do a lot of networking, you will make it easier for your network to make better referrals and introductions.
  • When you run paid Ads on social media, you have your audience definition already planned out, and will generate better traffic and engagements from your spend.
  • At trade shows, your sales team will have better opening lines and questions to grab delegates’ attention.

Does that sound better than the scattergun approach of trying to market, and sell, to “anyone who…”?
Aim at the red spot to communicate with the blue circle
Which of these sounds more like you?

An accountant walks into a networking event and asks for introductions to anyone with a small business

Two hours later, the accountant leaves with no leads, leaving behind a room of people none the wiser on how they can help this person.


Another accountant walked into the same room at the same time and asked for introductions to directors of small businesses who would like to pay less tax and more into their pension funds.

This accountant has 5 calls to make the next day to arrange meetings with prospective clients and introducers.

The difference: a clear definition of an Ideal Client

Can you define your Ideal Client?

Why should you define your Ideal Client?

  1. Defining your Ideal Client focuses your efforts on those most likely to buy from you.
  2. Your marketing messages are more effective because they show you understand your target audience.
  3. You save time by focusing on those who make decisions about what you sell.
  4. You save money by not using marketing that won’t get you in front of your target audience.
  5. You get more leads
  6. You grow your business

SME Needs will help you define your Ideal Client. We develop the key messages that prove you can help them and we help collate the evidence to prove it.

Our brainstorming workshop gathers and structures the thoughts of your team to develop this Ideal Client so that you can focus your marketing at that person (it is always a person) and get more of the leads you want.

After all, Anyone is the silliest word in marketing

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