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Educating your audience really works

67% growth in just two years

That’s the growth Inflectiontech has achieved in the last two years. Obviously they are making the right noises, telling the right stories and making sure their target audience understands how they can help.

Inflectiontech has been a client of SME Needs since mid-2011, when they were, for the majority of the time, an IT cabling firm which had a great reputation for quality service that had been built up over 30 years. Mark, the Managing Director, wanted to take advantage of this by building on the vast experience and knowledge which had been built up over this time by moving the company towards a more consultative approach and into providing IT infrastructure advice and project management services to mid-size corporates in London and the South East.

To change direction like this means educating their current network about the skills and knowledge available to them from within Inflectiontech, about ensuring their target audience is aware of the knowledge and experience Mark and his team can bring and about putting evidence out there to support what they were saying.

What did we do?

Mark decided to use the Growth Accelerator programme partway through our work together, at a time when we were reviewing performance to that point and ensuring things were going as planned.

The Growth Accelerator programme allowed Inflectiontech to use SME Needs to provide a period of coaching around this review, along with the Leadership & Management funding to improve project management and business finance skills within the business. This training is still in progress but the results are already happening.

The strategy developed included:

  • Regular newsletters, keeping his network up to date on what Inflectiontech has been doing
  • Consistent social media activity to attract interested people and to demonstrate that Mark is a good source of knowledge around IT infrastructure needs for now and also for the future
  • Direct mail campaigns to specific target audiences
  • And, of course, regular updating of his website to keep it relevant and to maintain SEO performance


The results have certainly justified the investment (both time and money). In the last two years, turnover has grown from £120K to over £200K per annum. Some of this growth is supported by sub-contracted resources but Mark expects to be adding to the team shortly.

SME Needs continues to provide Inflectiontech with our Virtual Marketing Director service and will, hopefully, do so for a long time to come.


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