image of tree to illustrate article on reasons why you should invest in marketing now

6 reasons you should invest in marketing now

picture of tree and sapling to illustrate article about reasons why you should invest in marketing nowNobody is buying, why should I invest in marketing?

With the latest restrictions imposed by the government, this is a question that many will be asking. With these restrictions potentially in place for six months, why should I not just wait until they are lifted before starting my marketing again? Why should you invest in marketing now? Here are six reasons why you should invest in marketing now…

People forget

How many emails do you get a day, even discounting those you delete immediately? How many WhatsApps and texts? Add on phone calls and all the marketing messages you see on the odd occasion you leave the house these days. There is only so much room in our minds before older, perceived less important, messages get pushed to the back of our minds and then (if you have watched Disney’s Inside Out) to long term storage.

You have to keep your brand and how you help your target audience in the front of their minds. To do that you have to have a consistent marketing programme.

Brand reinforcement

You aren’t the only company out there that does what you do. SME Needs is not the only company helping small businesses improve their marketing. We all have to keep reminding people about the value we deliver, so they remember the brand and they remember how we can help them. You have to remind your target audience and I have to remind you!

Climbing the priority ladder

You have any number of priorities to deal with. In these difficult times, you will be juggling these priorities. You will be trying to work out what really are the priorities and then making sure you don’t drop them. Your Ideal Clients will be doing exactly the same thing. They will, as you do, get any number of messages telling them why other things should be high on their priority list. If budgets are tight, as they are for many at this time, it is only those right at the top that are acted upon. The rest will have to wait.

Getting your share of their wallet

Unless what you sell is deemed a real luxury, what you sell should eventually reach the top of the priority ladder. As the third of our reasons why you should invest in marketing how, we think this is a pretty important one! When things ease again (as they will eventually), you want your target audience to be opening the company wallet and giving you some of what is available. Of course your competition want that share; what happens if they have been marketing and you haven’t?

Staying ahead of the competition

At this point, you’re hoping your competitors are thinking the same as you – why should we invest in marketing now. What happens if they are following the Kellogg’s example of the 1920’s and 30’s? You can read more detail here, but put succinctly, Kellogg’s continued marketing in the Great Depression, whilst their main competitor, Post (??!) cut back. Kellogg’s captured the market and you’re probably never heard of Post!

If your competition are still actively marketing, can you risk not maintaining your marketing activity?

Can you pivot?

Just because you have always delivered a certain solution to a certain target audience, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity to change? If you can identify an opportunity to solve a real problem that people are facing during this pandemic, you need to tell them. Of course, this does mean that you change your marketing, but you are still getting your brand out there. You will still be remembered, even if it is in a different sector. If this is the case, you have permission to divert SOME of your marketing activity and budget. If you divert all of it, you risk losing your other markets when the economy returns.

People Forget

It’s been a couple of minutes since you read the 2nd paragraph of this blog. Your phone had bleeped a few times and your inbox is a little fuller. Lots of distractions and other messages have arrived in that time. If you can get distracted in two minutes, imagine what will happen in, up to, six months!

So here are 7, well 6, reasons you should invest in marketing during the pandemic . Any questions?

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