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Your customers buy from you because they like what you have to offer and they see how it can help them. But they can only buy if they have entered your “shop”. That doesn’t mean you have to have premises on the high street or the local shopping centre. Your website is just as much a shop window as a physical premise. Let’s look at why this is important and how you can make sure your shop window entices people in, maximising the chance that they buy from you.

Why a good shop window is vital

There are three core reasons why it is vital that your shop window or website is right:

  1. Wasted time and money

Driving traffic to your website takes time, effort and, often, money.  Using all this resource only for people to quickly leave is a waste. Here’s some examples we’ve come across over the years:

92% bounce rate

A kitchen company asked us to look at their Google Ads account as it “wasn’t working”.  Their ads had a 17% click-through rate (CTR) so they were definitely working, but the site’s content was so bad they had a 92% bounce rate (in old Google Analytics terminology)

£5k a month

An appliances business was spending £5K a month on Google Ads, sending traffic to their site. But the site wasn’t right, so much of this investment was wasted.

0.2% conversion rate

Great social media and natural SEO drives a lot of traffic to another site we’ve seen, but the usability of the site meant that people were looking but not buying.

These are just three examples of how you can invest time, effort and money in your marketing, only for it to fail at a critical point – the “shop window”

  1. Poor first impression

People make up their minds about something quickly. First impressions count. It takes less than 3 seconds for people to get that first impression and it takes a lot of effort to make them change their minds. There’s some great stats about website first impressions here.

  1. Lost opportunities

How many sales opportunities are you losing because your website isn’t great?  Your website is there purely to generate new business for you, so if that isn’t happening, what do you do?

How to improve

  1. Make it about them

Let’s for a moment put aside the design element.  The headline and all the content (except the About Us page) should be focused on the reader and not on you.

Content is about how you help, not what you do

Putting it bluntly, nobody cares what you do. They do, however, care about how you can help them. The content needs to be about the issues you know they face and what you can do to help them. What is the end result they are looking for? Make sure your content talks about that.

Plenty of evidence you can deliver

You have lots of stories about how you’ve helped your clients in the past. You wouldn’t be in business if you hadn’t.  Even if you are a brand new business, chances are you’ve got stories from the past where you’ve helped people.  It is rare for someone to start a business they have no experience in, so use that experience and your stories to prove you can deliver on your promises. You can see more about how to effectively use your stories here.

Multiple ways to get in touch

Many people think that if they pick up the phone, you will start trying to sell to them straight away. Even if that isn’t the case, that’s what they believe, so give your audience multiple ways to get in touch with you and get the information they want initially.

  • Brochures they can download (may be gated, may not)
  • Telephone numbers – maybe a WhatsApp alternative
  • Email addresses
  • Appointment booking
  • Contact Forms

This is about what your prospects want – not what you want.  The more you restrict their ability to get in touch in the way they wish to, the more likely that person is to go elsewhere.

If you’re not getting the leads you want from your website, stop spending time and money sending people there. Put your effort into working out what needs to be done to make your website more effective.

If you need some help, call us on 020 8634 5911 or use any of the other contact methods that you can see here.

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