Loyal Subjects Demand Content Quality!

Wedding King Content to Queen Interest, thereby maintaining follower loyalty, is the social orb and sceptre of the search imperative. Without which, having incurred the wrath shared betwixt search engine and human visitor, your web realm would fall from grace, to such lowly rank more befitting the common spam serf farm than credible site pages!

Notwithstanding,  the emphasis on quality content now rising in the ascendency, the great challenge facing online marketing and social media messaging is the sheer volume of content hurtling through channel and platform in the attempt to engage our attention. Today’s marketing strategies are completely consumed with ensuring a brand identity and content messages reach the intended niche audience recipient. It’s less about ‘reach’ and more about ‘getting through’.

By year end 2010, the internet comprised of  around 225 million websites, of which 9.5 per cent (21.4 million) were new, with an estimated 152 million blogs  and 25 billion tweets being sent, creating ever more ‘response’ content.

Clearly, being online, onDemand, on the go, all the time – via mobile app, smartphone, tablet and kindle, netbook, laptop, PC and TV – means shifting the focus to more precisely targeted content, filtered to rise above the saturated noise frequencies.

More importantly, in the era of ‘constant distraction ’ is for eCommerce and online enterprise to find the key to visitor retention and keeping audiences on site to engage further and discover more valuable content. Today’s seasoned searchers need to be uncovering new interest from the instant they arrive or they will assume a one-trick site and disappear forever.

Simplistic solutions such as linking to ‘related content’ or ‘popular content’ or content based on a previous browsing history has shown to be of less interest because most casual content browsing is not always based on actively searching for a specific topic or even the same subject. With the exception of latest news updates, providing personalised ‘interest’ connecting with follower/visitor experience is a key stimulus.

Feedback behaviours, which will determine quality rating via blog comment, like, or tweet can serve up invaluable nuggets of information on the prevailing areas of interest and its’ relevancy, usefulness and value to a niche segment. User engagement stimulated to responding by commenting or sharing is now also noticed by the search engines and feeds in to PageRank.

Solving the challenge of overcoming information overload to optimise for content discovery entails understanding the restless movement of content via social networks, to news feeds, bookmark sites, opt-in email marketing newsletters, forums and blogs and mobile.


Dispensing ‘regal largesse’ can only occur by the will of the people, without which your kingdom diminishes and loyalty deserts.

A guest article from Provoke Design