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How much will this cost?

An explanation of how we charge to help you with your small business marketing

Strategic Planning

The strategic marketing phases are charged as a project. The cost is based on how much time we believe is needed to complete the first three phases of our 4-stage process. That time will be based on:

  • Your company size and complexity
  • The number of products/services and target audiences you have

We always invoice at least 30% of this project cost on contract signature. It is to be paid before we commence work. This shows both your commitment to improving your marketing – and protects our cashflow.

Marketing Delivery

Knowing what it will cost before knowing what is to be done is, well, impossible. Right now, we don’t know:

  • Your growth targets
  • The marketing skills available within your business
  • Your budget
  • Whether what you are currently doing is working

By the end of the strategic planning, we will give you a complete picture of how your marketing budget will be spent: our fees, marketing specialist costs and actual marketing activity costs.

What now?

This bit is easy. What you do now is call us, on 020 8634 5911, or use one of our other contact options.

  1. We talk so you know more about us and we know more about you.
  2. We quote for the strategic planning project, assuming you want us to, of course.
  3. We get started.


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