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Marketing to the converted

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what clients have bought which services

Are you communicating effectively with those you know are highly likely to open your emails?

I am sure already know that it is far easier to sell to current clients than it is to new ones, but the key is knowing what to talk to them about.

Now I could then start discussing the quality of your account management and how will they know their clients,  what the plans each client had for the next two years and where they are in their planning, but I won’t. What I will say is how many of your clients know about everything you sell and how many of them buy everything you sell?

Without a good picture of who is buying what and who knows about what,  you cannot have a relevant conversation. If that conversation is irrelevant, it is highly unlikely to produce the result you are looking for.

Working all of this out is relatively easy but I must warn you,  it can lead to identification of issues, particularly within your billing.  Let me explain.

The easiest way to calculate who is buying what is via your invoicing.  Using this instead of trying to do it from memory ensures accuracy and shows you the true value of each relationship.  The problem comes when you see some of the, shall we say eccentricities that occur in your invoicing.  Terminology often varies dramatically,  as does categorisation and even values.  I’ve often found invoices where the decimal point is too far left, meaning you’ve missed out on £100 ‘ s (if not more).

This leads to a project of billing standardisation but that’s another blog altogether.

Once you have the list of who has bought what from you,  it’s much easier to then shape your marketing communications to ensure the right people know about the products or services.

Now all you need is a set of messages to send to the relevant people, so when you’re marketing to the converted, it works.