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Bringing their customers closer

The Client

MowDirect is an e-commerce business providing powered gardening equipment to people with large gardens.

Their customers, generally, live in suburban or rural locations and they sell across the UK from their warehouse in central Norfolk.


Their Needs

Analysis of their marketing and sales performance showed that only 5% of customers were making another purchase within two years.

With the range of equipment they sell, you would expect this to be much higher.

Further analysis showed that there was almost no outbound communication to customers after the completion of their order.

What did we do?

Consumers can be fickle, even if they receive an excellent service from a company so we developed a programme of activity to build customer loyalty through educating them about both their purchase and about the company.

We then then maintained a programme of communication on a monthly basis, keeping the brand in the back of the customer’s mind in readiness for when they decided to expand their range of gardening tools (otherwise known as big boy’s toys).


Two things were achieved, one of which wasn’t expected.

The first was increased additional purchase rates, up to 12% in three months. This equated to an additional £50K in sales. By keeping the brand in the minds, customers returned for further purchases.

The second, and unexpected, benefit was higher customer review ratings. By doing more than just selling them a tractor mower or chainsaw, the onboarding programme added value to the purchase.


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