Why multiple mailing lists are a big problem

multiple mailing listsEmail marketing is a great tool when used correctly.

It’s cheap, completely trackable, and it can be personalised so that the content only goes to the right people.

It is also causing a lot of heartache as people get their head around GDPR and what they can and cannot do via email.

Let’s ignore for a moment that email is covered by PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) rather than GDPR. The biggest issue for email is consent.

This blog is about the issues that multiple mailing lists can cause with consent.

Email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Dotmailer, Constant Contact and others allow you to have multiple mailing lists. They do this so that you can have multiple lists for multiple markets/products/services.

The problem comes when you try and market multiple products to the same people.  They end up in multiple mailing lists. That is all well and good whilst they’re reading your emails and clicking through to either read the content you’re sharing with them or buying your products.

When they unsubscribe, the email tools only unsubscribe them from that mailing list. Unless you keep an active eye on who is unsubscribing, you can easily end up sending more emails to someone who has unsubscribed.

Now there’s a way to get someone to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office!

Groups & Segments

So how do you ensure that your content only goes to the right people?

By adding more information to each data record, that allows you to divide them down.

  • Postcode: enabling you to send localised emails, perhaps around a specific office or store.
  • Products bought: allowing you to market similar products from within your portfolio of products (this is definitely within PECR regulations).
  • Industry sector: meaning you can use the right terminology in your emails to engage them.
  • Job Title: different job titles mean different issues are important to them

This is obviously just a small sample of the information you could add to your data records. Just remember that opt-in (even the soft opt-in PECR allows for B2B companies) is one of the pieces of information you need to have recorded. Whenever possible.

We hope this helps. If you’d like to more please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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