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No time to do your marketing

There is only so much time available to you.

If you are fortunate to be busy delivering for your clients, you still need to do your marketing if you are to achieve the growth targets you have for your small business. If this doesn’t happen, you run the risk of quickly running out of leads and slowing the growth of your business.

SME Needs will make sure all the marketing you need gets done and delivers effectively

The Marketing Wave

Too many small businesses suffer from the marketing wave.

  • They do some marketing because they have time available
  • The marketing delivers some leads and sales
  • Whilst they are delivering those sales, there is no time to do any marketing
  • When the sales have been delivered, there are no leads to generate more sales

If this is something you see happening within your business, give us a call on 020 8634 5911 and let’s talk about how we can provide the time you need to ensure your marketing is delivered consistently and keeps generate the growth you want.

Opportunity Costs

Doing your own marketing will save you money, as you aren’t paying someone else to do it. However, could you do something else more valuable with your time?

If you weren’t spending time on your own marketing, could you:

  • Have a sales meeting and win a new client?
  • Deliver what you have sold to a client, so generate additional revenue?
  • Interview a candidate to help you deliver for more clients?

As the business owner, your time is best used on the activities that are most valuable for your business. If that isn’t your marketing, let’s talk and give you back time you can use to much better effect.


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