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Our Marketing Process

A simple 4-stage process proven to deliver leads that generate growth

To boost your marketing performance, you must:


Know what has worked for you in the past


Identify who you should be marketing to, and why


Develop a marketing plan


Implement that plan

Missing out just one of these will mean your marketing will not be as effective as it could be.


What has worked and what hasn’t worked?

Knowing this delivers quick wins. By stopping what isn’t working, you save both money and time that can be used elsewhere. This stage also sets the benchmark to measure progress from and forms a base to develop the marketing plan for the future.

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Each product or service you sell will only be used by a portion of the businesses out there. It doesn’t make sense for your marketing to go out to “anyone who….”. by identifying exactly who your Ideal Client is, you can focus your marketing on your target audience and make your marketing much more effective.

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To boost your marketing performance you need a plan. By putting our heads together, we develop a plan that we both agree with and buy into.  Without that buy-in, it will not deliver as well as expected.

This starts with your growth targets, includes your available budgets, the skills you have available internally, before moving on to what is needed.

By the end of the workshop, we have agreed a plan that fits your budgets and delivers a boost to your marketing performance.

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The final stage is to deliver on your marketing plan. SME Needs will manage the delivery of your marketing plan, ensuring that everyone (your team, us and the specialist third parties involved) does what is needed on time, on budget and successfully.

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Repeat regularly

Regular measurement of the marketing performance enables us to make adjustments as needed. Not everything will work first time. By measuring the marketing performance regularly, we can then agree changes to the marketing plan and further boost your marketing performance.

If you want to boost your marketing performance, let’s talk about taking your business through our four-stage process. Give us a call on 020 8634 5911 or click here.


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