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Delivering your marketing

Once you have a marketing plan, delivering it is paramount. There is no point in spending valuable time and money on developing a plan if it isn’t then implemented. This is the fourth stage of our process.

We don’t do it all

As mentioned in the planning stage, SME Needs isn’t here to do your marketing, but to make sure it gets done. We become project managers, working with the three groups of people that will do the marketing

  1. You and your team: there will be things we need either from you or to be done by you, particularly as we get to understand your business and how you help your clients.
  2. Us: we do some of the marketing, dependent on what the agreed marketing mix is.
  3. Third parties: specialists who we know and trust to deliver what you need.

Our job is to:

  • Ensure it is delivered on time and on budget.
  • Measure the performance so we all know what is and isn’t working.

If you are struggling to keep a consistent flow of marketing, give us a call.

Consistency is key

Once you have an agreed marketing plan, the next logical step is the implementation of this plan. To ensure the success of the marketing plan, SME Needs will

  • Manage everyone involved:
    • Your team
    • Us
    • Specialist third parties
  • Ensure everything is delivered on time
  • Measure the performance of the marketing

If you are struggling to do all four of these, SME Needs can help. We start by identifying the issue(s) and then working with you to develop a marketing plan to get your marketing working effectively.

To talk more about how SME Needs can help you get your marketing working effectively, give us a call on 020 8634 5911 or click here.

2-3 months ahead

Where possible, it is better to be able to work 2-3 months ahead. This removes the last minute rush that can impact the quality of the marketing – and the results!

Of course, this may not always be possible, as things can sometimes change extremely quickly.

Sharing Information

Our preferred tool for sharing and managing the information, content and data that will flow between us is Microsoft Teams, but we are flexible and work across many different platforms. Some clients prefer Dropbox, whilst others give us secure VPN access to their network.

It is preferable that we have access to your CRM too. By giving us access, you reduce the number of times we ask for data – and it shows you trust us too!  We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. You can see our certificate here.

Regular communication

Without doubt, this is the most important part of the relationship. You will have things you want to say and provide for us. It will be the same in the opposite direction. As we work across the UK, we will agree a combination of face to face and online communication; one that fits both our needs.

Regular meetings, varying from monthly to weekly, plus emails, calls and IMs as needed, ensure communication between us is effective.

Now you’ve seen the process we use. If you like what you’ve seen, let’s talk about how this can help grow your business. Call us on 020 8634 5911. For evidence that this process works, click the button below.


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