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Focusing your marketing delivers a better return on investment from your marketing budget, both time and money.

Your products and services are designed to solve a particular issue, whether that is keeping your clients technology running (IT support, perhaps), helping them communicate effectively (video production, maybe) or having a more comfortable day at the office (selling great office chairs). For each product or service, there is a target audience and an Ideal Client.

Defining your Ideal Client(s) helps you to determine your target audience and focus your marketing to make it more effective and generate more leads.


Imagine you had a £100,000 marketing budget and you sell office desks in Manchester.

There are 105,000 businesses in Manchester. That gives you 95p per business to get them to buy from you. But if you define your target audience as businesses with more than 50 staff (so they buy lots of desks at a time), you can spend £48 each on the 2080 businesses of that size. Which do you think will be more successful?

Make it easy on yourself

Which is easier for you? Thinking about the needs of, potentially, thousands of people, or the needs of one? By defining your Ideal Client, you can then develop your target audience, as they will have the same needs and issues as your Ideal Client.

Where do you start?

Most people start with their best client. If you want more clients like that one, you can use them as a base.

  • How do you help them?
  • What are the issues you resolve for them?
  • What does your product/service deliver for them?
  • Describe the buyer(s), both the decision maker and influencers

Going from Ideal Client to Target Audience

If you have defined your Ideal Client, you will have at least a job title, an industry sector and a geographical location. Now you can expand those to create your target audience. If you are based in Manchester (so your Ideal Client is likely to be based there too), people with the same job title, and in the same industry, will have the same issues if they are based in Liverpool, in Birmingham and in Bristol. You now have a target audience around 4 times bigger…

This is the second stage of our four stage marketing process, designed to boost your marketing performance and grow your business. To talk more about how SME Needs can help you focus your marketing and grow your business, give us a call on 020 8634 5911 or click here


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