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If your visit to our website prompts you to do just one thing, let it be that you go away and measure your marketing performance. By doing this, you will quickly identify what marketing is working for your small business and what isn’t. Of course, if you would like to some assistance, please get in touch.

how to tell if your marketing is working

Why you must measure your marketing

Spending time on marketing activities that aren’t working for you is a drain on your time, and your bank balance. Knowing how your marketing is performing allows you to:

  • Stop doing the marketing that isn’t working, saving you time and money.
  • Invest more in what you know is working, generating more leads and more growth for your small business.
  • Identify the marketing channels that bring you your Ideal Clients, so you can focus on that activity.
  • Set better growth targets for your business, based on facts, not gut feelings or desires
  • Commit marketing budgets because you are more confident it will deliver.

What should you measure?


How many leads you get from each marketing activity?


How many leads you need to generate a sale


What is the return on investment from each marketing channel?

Without these, you cannot make the right decisions about what marketing to continue and what to stop.

Need some help? Get our Marketing ROI Calculator here

Some additional ways to measure your marketing

  • How many new clients did you add this year?
  • How many did you lose?
  • What is your net growth?
  • What is generating traffic to your website?
  • Are people returning to your website?
  • What pages are the most visited on your website?
  • Are these pages generating leads?
  • What products/services are your prospects interested in?
  • How many of your clients have bought each of the products/services you sell?

This is the first stage in our four stage marketing process, giving a firm base to build from and identify some ways to quickly save money and sell more. To see the second stage, click the button below. To talk more about how SME Needs can help you better understand how effective your marketing has been, give us a call on 020 8634 5911.

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