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Public Relations (PR)

Everyone loves a story. But when you have a story about your business you want to share, it’s not always easy without the right support. At SME Needs, we have that covered for you.

Why PR can be a key part of your marketing mix

Public Relations (PR) is often considered to be a luxury; a marketing channel that is difficult to measure and justify. It isn’t right for every small business, but can be highly effective for businesses who want, and need, to prove the knowledge and expertise available to their clients.

We work with a small number of public relations (PR) firms with a proven history of getting your stories into the right places.

Let’s look at what PR can do for your small business

Positioning your brand

As well as your name, your expertise, and your key messages. It helps give your business a voice and a face. It shows the real people behind the company and helps build trust among potential clients. If they feel they know the people behind the company, they will feel that they can trust you.

Showcasing your expertise

By being quoted in articles, interviewed on the radio/TV, and having your own by-lined articles published potential customers can get a real sense of your knowledge and expertise. It is highly trusted because you are not selling. And therefore are not seen as having a biased point of view. You are seen as an independent expert.

Providing comfort

They can see that you are respected by journalists. That you are a recognised industry voice and have third party endorsement.

Boosts your social media

Trying to drive people to your website all the time, through social media, isn't easy. Far easier to share an independent article and still receive the same coverage and credibility.

Helps your SEO

Mentions and links (cannot be guaranteed every time) are core to search engine algorithms. Coverage is proven to drive additional searches on your name or company name.

PR widens your reach

By attracting people outside your immediate ‘tribe’ you widen your appeal and your potential customer base.

Find out more about how PR can fit into your marketing mix and help you grow your business.

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What can be achieved

One client of ours has developed over 80 pieces of coverage in the last 12 months, from the BBC (on the BBC Breakfast sofa!) to tech sites such as Tech Donut and New Business.

PR doesn’t need to be a high budget marketing activity. The example above was achieved for less than £900 per month.

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