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Developing an SME marketing plan

SME marketing is an art and a science. It has to be in order to generate the awareness, the interest and, ultimately, the leads your business needs to achieve your growth targets. Throw in the fact that SMEs have limited marketing resources (time, skills and cash) available and that’s where the art comes in. The ROI is even more important to an SME.

That is where our approach differs from other marketing agencies. We don’t listen to your needs and then go away and write an SME marketing strategy and plan. We work with you to develop the right plan. A plan that fits the:

  • Time and skills you have within the business
  • Money you can commit to invest in marketing your business
  • Targets you’ve set, and finally
  • Values within your business.

We work with you to develop the plan – literally. Brainstorming with you to develop your sme marketing strategy and plan means you’ve contributed; you’ve questioned and been challenged. You’ve agreed with the plan and bought into it. For this to work, we need your buy-in. If we don’t have it, the marketing will not be as successful as we both want it to be.
Delivering your SME Marketing

Developing a plan is one thing, but you need to deliver on that plan successfully for it to work. At this point SME Needs becomes your Virtual Marketing Director and helps you to deliver on your marketing plan. There will be, generally speaking, three sets of people involved in successfully delivering your sme marketing plan:

  1. Your team, providing product/service expertise and evidence
  2. SME Needs, delivering some marketing activity such as graphic design, email and social media
  3. Specialist third parties, delivering services such as website design, PPC management and SEO

As your Virtual Marketing Director, it is our responsibility to manage these three sets to ensure your marketing delivers the leads you want on time and on budget.

Most of your time is then available to focus on what you do best: Delivering an excellent service to your customers.

Content Generation

Content generation is a critical part of your marketing, engaging your target audiences, generating leads and helping to convert them into new clients

Who generates your marketing content?

Marketing content engages your target audiences and gets them to do what you want them to do. It answers their questions about you. It shows that you understand them and can help resolve the issues they face. Marketing content creates leads for your business and it helps your convert them into new clients.

Content is a critical part of your marketing. It sits within every part of your marketing.

How great content helps your business

Website content

Demonstrating you have the knowledge and expertise they need to resolve their issues.

Email campaigns

Keeping subscribers up to date and generating leads.


Generating and maintaining brand awareness and driving sales.

Case Studies

Proving you can deliver on your promises.

The right content can transform your marketing performance. Do you need a hand with your content generation?

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How we work

Our content writers have years of experience. Most are journalists with experience across B2B and B2C titles and some have published high-selling books. We simply match the right writer to you and then manage them so you get the content when you need it.

  • Editing your content to ensure it reads well will be effective.
  • Writing articles based on notes you provide. When starting work with a new client, this is often the most productive way as you have the knowledge and experience that is needed for the article.
  • Research and write the whole thing. If you simply don’t have time, we can develop all the content needed, ready for your final sign-off.
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