Social Media can help disgruntled employees damage your brand

Social Media can do wonderful things for your brand image in a very short space of time. You are able to get your brand in front of the people you want to see it in a few short steps.

Twitter means that your followers’ followers get to see your tweets. Facebook business pages can consolidate various feeds to generate brand visibility and LinkedIn has a multitude of ways to promote your business: Answers, Company pages, Groups etc.

The problem is that anyone can post anything about your brand and that includes employees.

Take for example, your Company page on LinkedIn.  The company page is visible from the profile of every employee listed on the platform and so gives your business lots of marketing moments.  A problem can arise if you haven’t been careful about controlling the management of your company page.  Unless you have set it so only authorised users can make changes, anyone within your company can write anything they want.  If they write something that isn’t nice, is untrue or is simply spiteful, it can be seen from everybody’s profile until you are made aware and correct the changes.  How much damage to your brand reputation could that cause?

What do you do to stop this?

  1. Go to your Company page  and click Edit
  2. alter the standard setting shown in the image above so it reads “designated users only”
  3. Add the people you want to allow to make changes
  4. Hit “Save”
  5. Remember to alter if any of the people allowed to make changes resigns

I hope this helps and goes a little way to protecting the brand you have worked long and hard to build

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