4 simple tips to build your brand awareness! 

simple tips to build your brand awareness! 

Activate fierce brand loyalty series – Part One 

What is brand awareness?

What is brand awareness? 

Have ever been at your local supermarket and you realise you’re running low on tea, so you walk to the tea aisle and pick up Twinings or Yorkshire Tea without thinking about it?  

The reason you gravitate towards certain brands is because you already have positive associations of them in your brain. This includes the performance, in the case of of Twinings, it could be through the packaging or the taste. 

This post will give practical recommendations that put your small business in the mind of your potential clients. 

Why should brand awareness be something small businesses think about? 

This is because at the point of consideration, you want your ideal client to think of you.  Following this, you would want them to have a preference to select your business ahead of your competition. This is especially relevant for B2B businesses as once a potential client selects a business to potentially work with, they will dedicate a lot of time and resources to explore that particular avenue. Therefore, you want to be the particular business that they have chosen to give their time to as you navigate the protracted decision-making process. 

This blog post will cover three crucial brand awareness tips that help you, as a small business owner, to build brand awareness.  

Engage with your audience 

As a small business, your communication with potential and existing clients should be frequent.  

Frequency is a fantastic start but your communications must be relevant to your audience, as well as well-timed. 

If you know there’s a current sentiment, feeling or occasion, take advantage of it and join the conversation 

This can be relatively cheap or even for free in our current environment by engaging in active social media hashtags. Especially if they  happen to cross over and relate with your business or industry. 

This can occur at networking events. It provides the opportunity for you to share how you stand out from the crowd in a face-to-face environment! 

Connect with your target audience 

One of the strongest assets small businesses can have that helps build brand awareness with their audience is their ability to develop an emotional connection! 

This can be done through inexpensive methods such as social media advertisement campaigns. Some may have not tested these waters but they can be tailored to your needs and budget.  

There is a great flexibility in targeting audiences with social media platforms. It allows you to target people based on your current followers. Furthermore, you can customise your audience preferences based on the geo-location or their interests.  

With a simple slider based on your daily budget and duration, it gives you an approximate figure of the reach of that advertisement.  

It can be as cheap as a coffee and a croissant from your favourite local shop! Therefore, it is a worthwhile option to explore to be able to connect with your ideal client. 

However, the world is not just online for small businesses. It is important to be vocal and active in our local communities.  

Through your goodwill, character and personable behaviour with other local businesses and customers, it will build a positive image of your business and the values that underpin it. Trustworthiness doesn’t have to cost a thing but can help your small business quietly thrive. 

The importance of visible feedback!  

Credibility is a highly sought-after attribute for all small businesses. How do I show my experience and expertise to my target audience on a minimal budget?  This question has probably popped into your head at some point. 

The primary answer is something that is easily taken for granted. 


It is important to utilise your existing customers who have a positive impression of your business, your personality and the quality of your services.  

This is because your target audience is far more likely to believe in what your business provides from someone who actively bought from or used your service than from your own mouth.  

In a sea of marketing, your ideal client is quite frankly overloaded with everyone saying they are the best. 

This is why client considers reviews as more genuine as it is coming from a source other than the business itself. 

So if you know a client who is extremely happy at the service you have provided or the product they have bought from you, do not be afraid to ask for a review.  

Each one counts 

For example, when potential clients find your business on Google and see a substantial amount of positive reviews, even if your brand isn’t instantly recognisable, it becomes associated with being trustworthy 

Keep it up! 

The best method to activate brand awareness is through small and consistent efforts.  

Repetition is key! 

Through an application of one of or a combination of the previous tips, you can achieve the first and the most crucial stage of brand loyalty in brand awareness. 

This is by making the most of your touch-points with your target audience, firstly, by making sure you bring your business into the conversation and then developing on that by building an emotional connection.  

Over time, through persistent engagement and connection, a broad positive awareness and recognition will occur in the mind of your targeted client when they think of anything that relates to your business and the service you provide. 

Final Thoughts 

These simple tips to build brand awareness should get you thinking the next time there is a decision to make.

The next time you need something, think about what brand or business you choose over the other options.  

It could be when you think about your biscuit tin contents running low? 

Perhaps you need some tech developers to build an application for your business? 

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your phone?  

Or maybe you’re looking for a marketing agency to build your business’ strategic plan with?  

This should help you consider the importance of brand salience and why you should build it for your business.  

In terms of your own business, you know you have achieved brand awareness and recall when an enquiry is made, either in person in your local area, on the phone or through your website when a potential client thinks of needing something connected to your services or industry. 

Gotta Catch ‘em All

pokemon image to support small business marketing blog from SME Needs

How can Pokemon help your small business?

If you’re a child of the nineties, or have children born in that era, then you’ll probably know about Pokémon and what it is! Since its release, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and is now one of the most popular games. In less than a week it has had more downloads and users than Instagram, Snapchat and even Twitter.

That’s great but how can it help your small business and what can you learn?

Lure Modules

pokemon image to support small business marketing blog about catching sales leads

There are a large number of Pokéstops all over the country, especially in shopping centres, parks and local landmarks. These Pokéstops allow players to stock up on items such as Pokéballs. One item that can be placed on PokéStops is called a “lure module”. Once activated, lure modules will attract wild Pokémon (and, more importantly, players) to that location. These can be useful if your business is or near a Pokéstop as players always go towards stops with lures on the to catch Pokémon.

What can you learn?

If you’re selling to consumers, are there advertising opportunities nearby?

Alternatively think about the Pokemon, or the players, as potential clients; what can you do to attract them to you?  What do you have that can lure them to you?

Gymspokemon maps image to support small business marketing blog

Maybe your business is closer to a Pokémon Gym than a PokéStop. In that event, there’s another way you can invite players to come patronize your business. You can advertise that you’ll be hosting a tournament in advance, perhaps even offering discounts to gym battle winners.

What can you learn?

Gathering lots of prospects in the same place is a great way to generate economies of scale. Perhaps you have a seminar or webinar that can help your target audience?

Pokémon Hunting 

Invite people to go on a Pokémon hunt with you! Host a community-wide Pokémon hunt that starts and ends at your pokemon image to support blog about small business marketingbusiness’s doorstep. All you have to do is advertise the date and time of your Poké-hunt, wait for players to gather, and then go hunting. After you can invite them back to your business to chat and compare what you have caught!

What can you learn?

Networking events like this can attract a mixture of current clients, prospects and other local businesses. You get the cache of organising the event and enabling the connections they make. You also get your clients saying nice things about you to others in the room.

Future possibilities?

Pokémon Go is still in its early stages and developing more features such as trading and battling other trainers will be added along with a new generation of Pokémon.

What can you learn?

These new features can allow you to network further and interact more with your client base. A new generation of Pokémon can allow for new content for people to enjoy and for you to use in your business.

I hope that helps!