The risks with referrals

We all love getting referrals.

They are usually an easier sales pitch as the referrer has already done some of the work for you.  I acquired a new client at the end of last week from a referral, so I am particularly positive about them at the moment.

There is one real issue that stops people giving referrals – the risk to them.

Let me explain:

When someone refers you, particularly to one of their clients, a little bit of their reputation goes with the referral.  There is a, hopefully, small risk that you won’t do a good job.  If that happens, there is a potential risk that your referrer could lose their client.

On the positive side, if you do a very good job, their reputation is enhanced with that client. You are then far more likely to get more referrals from that person.

So the morale of this blog  is simple.  If you are looking at getting referrals from your network, make sure you deliver on your promises.