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The three ways to generate more leads

By May 12, 2023No Comments

If you want more leads for your small business, a Google search will provide 672 million search results to help you. Going through that little lot will take some time. At SME Needs we like to keep things simple for small business owners, so we believe there are just three ways to generate more leads…

1. Do better work for your clients

The better the work you deliver for your clients, the happy they will be. The happier they are, the more they will talk about you to others. At least that is the theory. In reality, you’re probably already doing great work. It’s just that the client hasn’t recognised just how good that work is. Making sure they realise just what you’re doing will help.

For example, if you’re an IT services business, are you telling your client how many tickets you responded to this month, or are you telling them how much time you gave them back?

The better your clients understand how you are helping them, the more they will say nice things to others about you, especially when you ask them to!

2. Build better relationships with your clients

Particularly in the small business world, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. You may have clients where you have a very transactional relationship. One where there is very little conversation taking place. When this is the case, you run the risk of being replaced by someone who either:

  • Offers the same at a lower price
  • Develops a better relationship with your client

Relationships help you generate more leads because

  • Your clients will talk about you more (see above)
  • They are more likely to buy other products/services from you
  • You are better protected from losing the client.
  • Your clients will be happier to do case studies, testimonials and reviews for you< helping others decide to talk to you.

3. Improve your marketing performance

Know what is working

Improving your marketing performance starts with knowing how your marketing is performing now. If you don’t currently know, click here to download a marketing ROI calculator. Knowing what is, and isn’t, working gives you a benchmark to work from and identifies where you can improve.

Some of that improvement will come from stopping what isn’t working and investing that time/budget into what you know is working. Some of that improvement comes from learning more and doing things better, but it starts with knowing.

Say the right things

The 2nd step in improving your marketing is saying the right thing. If your marketing is all about you and what you do, you’re losing out on leads. If your marketing is all about your clients, how you help and what success looks like, you will generate more leads for your small business.

Think about either you last product you bought from a salesperson. Did they talk about them, or talk about you? Did they talk about what they do, or how your business will benefit?

Make a plan

The third stage in improving your marketing is to make a plan. The old adage of failing to plan is still so very true. A well-developed marketing plan will maximise your chances of generating the leads you are looking for.

Implement the plan

The fourth stage is to do what you have scheduled in that plan. There’s no point in having the plan if you aren’t going to do it. You may need help, either to do some of the things in your marketing plan, or in the form of someone keeping you on track. The only problem comes a little way through the implementation of your plan, when you have sold some stuff and are busy delivering what you’ve sold. Do you still have time to keep to the plan? They are plenty of people out there who can help you at that point (see more about how we can help here).

If you can do all three, the leads you are looking for will flow in, but just doing one of them will improve the number of leads you generate over time.

If you need a hand with any of these, call us on 020 8634 5911 or contact us here.

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