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Virtual Marketing Director

The marketing advice, guidance and support you need to grow your small business into a bigger one without having to employ another senior member of staff

The support you need

As a business owner, you need consistent marketing to take place. As your Virtual Marketing Director, we help you to plan and deliver the consistent marketing needed to generate the leads you need to achieve the growth you want.

Within a budget that makes sense

As a small business, it doesn’t make sense for you to employ a full-time Marketing Director. There simply isn’t the budget available. Our Virtual Marketing Director service starts from just four hours a month, so every small business can get the support they need.

Regular communication

Regular meetings, either online or face to face, ensure that both you and us know what is happening. We will discuss:

  • What marketing has been done
  • What this has delivered
  • Whether anything needs adapting
  • What will happen next

In between the scheduled meetings, we talk by phone, Teams, Zoom or email. Whether you have a question or want an opinion, you simply get in touch and we respond as quickly as possible.

Managing specialists

SME Needs doesn’t DO all your marketing. We use specialists to deliver the best marketing results for your business. Whether they are SEO experts, PPC specialists, PR virtuosos or website wizards, we manage them to ensure they deliver: on time, on budget and do a great job.

If you have specialists you know and trust, we will help with them. Alternatively, we can introduce you to people we know and trust.

Letting you do what you love doing

You started your business to do what you are great at, not to stare at Mailchimp, Google Analytics or InDesign. You don’t need to know the inner workings of WordPress or SEMrush. We take care of all of this, so you can concentrate on delivering on your promises to your clients, and growing your small business into a bigger one.


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