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When to recruit marketing staff for your small business

By June 22, 2022No Comments

7 questions to help you decide if and when to recruit marketing staff

is it time to recruit marketing staff for your business. This is Jago

When you start a new business, you have dreams of growing it to a size that you are comfortable with and one that can give you the lifestyle you want.  For some that will mean the business stays small, maybe even always just the business owner.  For others, that means 50+ staff and a £multi-million turnover.  Whatever size you want your business to be, you will need marketing.  In the beginning you will, almost certainly do it all, but when do you start looking for marketing staff, and at what level?  Here 7 questions you need to answer to help you work out when to recruit.

Current marketing salaries

Before we look at the questions, let’s look at current salary levels:

When you start talking to outsourced marketing providers, like SME Needs, these are the figures you need to take into consideration. Don’t forget you have to then add a marketing budget on top of these salaries.

Do you have a marketing budget?

In the beginning, there is more time resource in your business than cash resource.  If this is the case, there are only two ways to get your marketing done:

  1. You do it
  2. You barter your skills for marketing ones

Finding a marketer who needs enough of what you do so that they will trade is likely to be tough. You’ll be doing your marketing, but having someone to bounce ideas off and keep you on the straight and narrow will be useful for you.

If your marketing budget should be 5-10% of your annual turnover and that includes salaries, your annual turnover needs to be £multi-millions to have a marketing team.

Are the skills needed within your team?

Whether your team is just you, or you have got a small number in the team, do they have the skills needed?  Can they write good content, build (and respond) to social media posts, develop and manage your website? Do you have people who know their way around email marketing tools?

Perhaps more importantly, is the best use of their time?  If they were employed for client-facing roles, their time is probably best spent that way.

You need to source the skills needed, but finding one person with all the skills is not easy. You will then need to manage, and coordinate, the various agencies you are using to deliver your small business marketing strategy.

Are you confident you know what marketing needs doing?

The world of marketing is forever changing. It is continuously developing. As a small business owner, you will be reading books and listening to podcasts to help keep your knowledge up to date, but is it enough.

Ensuring your marketing plan is the right one is, most definitely, a senior role. But is only something that you will look at 1-2 times a year. You don’t need a marketing manager or director unless you have

Do you have time to do your marketing?

If most of your time is spent dealing with clients, it is probably time to add to the client-facing team. You then get to run the business. If doing that leaves you little time to do your marketing, your marketing consistency will suffer – and so will your brand awareness levels.

Regular time needs to be invested in marketing for it to be effective. If you cannot commit, you need to get the time elsewhere. If your marketing strategy calls for 30+ hours a week, then it is time to recruit. If not, outsource.

Do you want to do your marketing?

Some people love doing their own marketing, and would rather employ other to face the clients. If that is you, then great. If not, get someone else to do it. If there is enough marketing to do, recruit a junior marketing exec and get them to do it. If not, outsource.

Is there enough in the marketing plan to need staff?

Marketing activity is resource intensive.  Writing, posting and responding to social media posts takes time. Drafting a blog, and then posting it onto the website takes time and knowledge. Organising a webinar or an event really takes up time. To further complicate matters, the skills needed for these are different. When you get to the point there is 20+ hours a week of marketing work needed, you should consider recruiting, if you can find the right person. When there is 40-50+, having two people with complimentary skill sets definitely makes sense.

Do you have time to manage your marketing?

As your small business continues to grow, more and more of your time can become focused on your clients, on your staff and all the other “stuff” that needs doing. Perhaps you are still the main sales person within the business. If you have recruited  that first marketing person, are you managing them to ensure they are delivering your marketing plan?

If you have just the one marketing person, recruiting another as a manager is not the best use of your budgets. We help a range of busy small business owners to manage their marketing exec to ensure they are both doing what they need to, and have someone to get advice and guidance from.

Answering these questions will help you decide if and when to recruit marketing staff for your small business. In the meantime, let’s have a chat (call us on 020 8634 5911) about how outsourcing your marketing ensures you get consistent, performative marketing for a budget your business can afford.