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When your marketing isn’t working

There are many reasons why your marketing isn’t working. Whatever they are, we’re guessing you aren’t happy and want to see improvements...

4 Reasons your marketing isn’t working

You know your marketing needs to be effective to deliver the growth you want for your small business. If your marketing isn’t currently working, we’re guessing you are frustrated and want to see improvements…

These are just some of the reasons why your marketing isn’t working

  • It isn’t being done properly. You may be using the right marketing channels, but if they aren’t being used properly, they won’t deliver the results you want.
  • Inconsistency can be fatal for your marketing. Consistent marketing delivers increased brand awareness and your target audience will remember you when they want some help.
  • It’s the wrong marketing. Investing in the wrong marketing channels will simply see you wasting time and money. Just because everyone else is on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t mean it is right for you.
  • The marketing is about what you do. Sorry to be blunt, but nobody cares what you do. They care about how you can help them.

SME Needs will identify what is stopping your marketing from working and we will work together to develop the right marketing plan, to get it working and delivering the leads you need to meet your growth targets.

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The right marketing activity

Some businesses use certain marketing channels simply because they think they should; lots of social media is a good example. Just because everyone else is using certain channels doesn’t mean you have to. You should only be using the marketing channels that will effectively get you in front of your target audience.

Quality beats Quantity every time!

The right marketing, done well, will be far more effective than doing lots. People are looking for expertise and to find suppliers who can help them.

  • One great blog article will do more for your business than lots of mediocre ones.
  • LinkedIn posts that you monitor and reply to will do more for your reputation than dozens of “broadcasts” that are left alone.
  • One “this is how I can help you” email campaign will be far more effective that lots of “buy me!” campaigns

Consistency is key

Have a think about how many emails you get every day. How many marketing messages do you see throughout the day? With these volumes hitting you every day, it is easy to forget others.  Consistent marketing maintains awareness and ensures your brand is remembered at the time your Ideal Client decides they need to resolve an issue you can help.

The right messages

To put in bluntly, nobody cares what you do!  They care about how you can help them.

Your messages need to be highly effective to make you stand out from the competition. They need to help your Ideal Client understand how you can help, and believe what you are saying.

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