Who are you talking to?

who is your website content talking to?Your website is your shop window, whether you sell to consumers or to other businesses. It doesn’t matter what you sell, pretty much the first place anyone goes to in order to find out more about you is your website. The question is:

Does your website content talk about you or does it talk to your viewers?

It’s been a long time since the marketing industry started talking about benefits instead of features, but there is still a lot of marketing communication out there, on and offline, that talks more about the features of the business. The reason for this is simple: people know more about their product/service than anything else and so it is easier to talk about that.

The problem is that we, as buyers, no longer have the time to work out how the features can help us. There are simply too many messages being thrown at us. We use up a lot of time consuming these messages, working out which to bin and then which ones need to be acted upon. If we cannot work out the benefit quickly, our minds bin most of these messages.

Grab your coat. You’ve pulled

Why am I using one of the cheesiest chat up lines ever developed? Simple: it is all about the other person.  As I thought about this I couldn’t think of a single chat up line that didn’t talk about the other person (although there are some: https://thoughtcatalog.com/rania-naim/2016/04/50-hilarious-cheesy-pick-up-lines-that-will-definitely-make-your-crush-smile/).

When you think about your marketing, you can learn a lot from the dating process and industry. Personally, it’s been a long time since I was dating (and I wasn’t very good at it either) so you won’t learn much from what I tried doing, but it you look at what you’re supposed to do (listen to the other person, talk to them about them, empathise, make small touches when appropriate etc.), there is a lot to be learnt.

Your website can do all of this, but only when the content is right.

Show you know them

You cannot directly listen to them through your website, but previous experience in the industry sector you are targeting (you’re not trying to sell to everyone – are you?) can be shown in your content. Show that you understand the reader.

Talk to them about them

If your website content contains more we’s than you’s, you are talking about yourself more than you are talking about them. Far too many website talk about how “we have been doing X for a gazillion years” or “we are experts in Y”. The viewer doesn’t care what you think about yourself.  They are looking for a solution to a problem they have.


Your website content should recognise the issues and the problems your clients have.  They need to see that you recognise their issues and that you have a solution for them. Sharing evidence of how other companies have been helped by working with you to prove you understand their needs.

Make small touches

Give your viewers the opportunity to “touch”. Enable them to subscribe to your mailing list. Offer them knowledge pieces etc. There is nothing wrong with a mix of free content and “cost” content, with the cost being their contact details. Just remember that GDPR doesn’t allow you to add them to your general marketing list, just because they’ve downloaded a whitepaper. Of course, you can ask them to subscribe – based on the quality of the first piece.

Ask to go further

That second date is your first goal when dating. The opportunity to talk, or even meet, is the goal for your marketing and sales. Your website can ask for you. Obviously your Contact Us page is there with a Callback Request Form, so you need to get your website visitors to that page – or have a similar form on every page, perhaps in the footer where it won’t be quite so overt or interrupt the flow of the content on the site.

What next?

At this point your Sales team are likely to take over, but that doesn’t mean your marketing has to stop. Assuming your integrated sales and marketing process means data moves between the two departments, you can continue to share website content with them to help close the sale.

We all know small business marketing isn’t easy, but hopefully this will do two things:

  1. Help your target audience understand more about how you can help them.
  2. Make you stand out from your competition.

I hope this helps


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